The Society of Offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors (SOMWS) was formed in 2017 to be the international organisation for all concerned with warranting of marine operations, by providing professional leadership, upholding standards, and developing and sharing knowledge based upon integrity and quality.

AqualisBraemar fully support the aims and objectives of the Society and our company MWS Guidelines, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), documents, and certificates of approval (CoA) comply with Joint Rig Committee requirements. We have been engaged with SOMWS since its inauguration and several of our staff were on the original panel when the society was formed.

SOMWS membership demonstrates that the surveyor is suitably qualified and competent in accordance with the Joint Rig committee (JRC) MWS Information Form (JR2019-009). The JRC Code of Practice and Scope of Work define the role, qualifications and scope of work for the surveys for both the MWS Company and their individual surveyors. AqualisBraemar have long experience in this field and we naturally support and comply as a matter of principle. This gives the assured, underwriters and surveyors the confidence that MWS activities will be carried out in accordance with internationally agreed standards and procedures.

All AqualisBraemar staff who manage Marine Warranty Services are SOMWS accredited. Our staff and subcontractors currently comprise a significant proportion of the SOMWS worldwide membership and all junior staff are actively encouraged to join the society.