Casualty Investigations

We provide experienced mariners, engineers and naval architects worldwide to investigate and report on all aspects of marine incidents. We act on behalf of insurers (P&I, Hull & Machinery, Loss of Hire, Liability, War and other) and managers, charterers and other interested parties. 

With experience in attending all types of vessels from small pleasure craft, to large commercial vessels, container ships, VLCC, bulkers, superyachts etc., and marine-related structures, inclusive of docks and, cranes, we endeavour and have the capacity to the utilise the correct expert.


Our surveyors and consultants are capable in all aspects of P&I related matters – i.e. collisions, groundings, pollution, cargo issues (liquid cargo quality/quantity, liquefaction, container loss), personal injury, and if necessary, wreck removal.  

On-site, we will initially provide support and assistance to the master and owners at a time which is often their first experience of an accident. We then ensure we provide the club with essential information captured in a quick report format so that the claims handler can take the correct immediate actions to protect their members – for example, by engaging lawyers or salvors. 

Once the situation is stabilised, we will carry out a thorough investigation. We will collect contemporaneous evidence both electronic and paper-based, and if required take statements from crew in a legal format.  

We will facilitate reciprocal ‘without prejudice’ surveys in order to record the damage and estimate repair costs. We will liaise with the opposing interests to continue inspections and record progress as the vessels are being repaired. 

Once back in the office, if it proves necessary to obtain further data to support the investigation of causation, we can source 3rd party information such as from AIS or VTIS and create 2D or 3D replays as necessary. 


We have unrivalled capacity both technically and geographically, to assist the assured as far as possible and to reduce the insurer’s exposure to costs. 

From minor issues to catastrophic, we have extensive experience and regularly assess damage to Main & Auxiliary Engines; Turbochargers; Boilers; Gear Boxes & Clutches; Alternators & Switchboards; Propeller, Shaft, Thrusters & Pods; Keel & Rudder; Shell Plating, Deck Plating, Internal Structure, Railings, Coamings & Hatches; Bulkhead, Stanchions, Frames & Beams; Accommodation, Bridge and Associated Equipment and Controls; however such damage occurred. With our skilled engineers, we also report on all issues which occur due to fuel quality, we give appropriate guidance on repair options and potential recovery from third parties. 


From our wide range of shipyard knowledge, including significant experience gained in conducting JH143 pre risk assessments, we can respond to shipyard incidents effectively and efficiently. Meeting the needs of shipbuilders and ship repairers liability insurers as well as shipyard owners & operators we utilise our local knowledge combined with our global reach to ensure shipyard casualties are responded to, investigated and resolved with the minimum of disruption. By reviewing all relevant documentation, we can advise on all potential liability issues, apportioning costs, advising on delays, potential subrogation and attendances from immediately after any incident to redelivery back to owners, inclusive of attending sea trials.


Conducting these same services, our surveyors and consultants gain knowledge and experience on a daily basis, which coupled with their operational experience forms the backbone of our expert witness service, who can easily be located via our expert witness hub on the home page of this web site. We have many experts with experience of giving expert evidence in court.